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Thinking Outside the Factory Walls

How TrakSYS Creates a Digitally Connected Supply Chain

Industry 4.0, and digital transformation as a whole, encompass processes outside the factory walls. As companies work toward gaining real-time insight into their upstream and downstream supply chain partners, they begin working toward unlocking all the power that this digital revolution stands to offer. Information on product demand in storefronts and warehouses becomes readily available. Monitoring raw material inventory becomes a seamless, real-time, verifiable task. With these metrics in hand, questions like, “are we overstocking inventory or causing production delays by not having enough on hand” quickly become answered. Moreover, being able to answer these questions has a direct effect on production scheduling and the efficiency of the make operations at the factory.

Companies need the right enabling technology and solutions to harmonize the supply chain with factory production. As digitalization continues to sweep across the manufacturing landscape, it is essential to look at how today’s technology can be implemented across supply chains. Watch the recording, where we explore how our Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) platform, TrakSYS, brings supply chain partners together through digitalization. Discover how our platform provides real-time access to critical inventory and production data between suppliers and manufacturers. Watch as we demo how TrakSYS provides visualization into manual requisition workflows and processes, enable production planners to respond faster to changes in demand, and help make the management of your supply chain as simple as possible.

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