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A Work in Progress

For manufacturers with discrete operations, getting a handle on production, quality, and inventory management can be an ongoing struggle. Without real-time insight and visibility into the shop floor, understanding and identifying the root causes of quality-induced rework becomes incredibly difficult. Being able to track work-in-progress (WIP) and monitor production at various intervals and stages becomes all but impossible. When this happens, manufacturers can find themselves falling short of meeting continuous improvement efforts around quality and productivity. Efforts to establish best practices and standardized operating procedures can be stalled and truncated.

Fortunately, there is a solution. By providing real-time insight into the factory floor, the metrics needed to analyze labor costs, and adding the context necessary to establish the root causes of rework, the TrakSYS MOM (manufacturing operations management) platform empowers teams to optimize discrete operations and improve bottom lines. Tune in to our upcoming webinar where we talk with Parsec Partner EOSYS, about MOM and its impact on discrete operations. Discover how solutions like performance, quality, and inventory management provide these manufacturers the tools they need to reveal “the hidden factory” and run their operations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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