TrakSYS Deployment Options

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When it comes to where and how you house your TrakSYS deployment, we give you choices: on-premises (either at an individual factory or at your data center), in a private cloud, or in a hybrid setup. When it comes to licensing, our comprehensive, scalable subscription offerings ensure your TrakSYS deployment will align with the size and scope of your needs today and in the future. Need help determining where your deployment should be hosted? Here are a few factors to consider.
TrakSYS Deployment Action On-Premises

On-Premises: Maximum Control. Higher TCO.

Deploying TrakSYS on your premises, either in an individual site or in a centralized IT center, gives you the greatest control over all aspects of the system, from installation and operation through long-term maintenance. Of course, when you factor in the costs of hardware and software, you will likely incur a higher total cost of ownership relative to a cloud-hosted solution. Also, given the subscription-based nature of our platform’s licensing, ensuring on-premises servers have reliable, secure internet connectivity (to enable access to software maintenance and updates) will be a necessity.

Cloud-based: Convenient. Efficient. Secure.

Deploying TrakSYS in a private cloud-based system offers advantages in efficiency and cost, compared to traditional on-premises solutions: simplified access, ease of use, and increased system availability, to name a few. With a cloud deployment, you get 24/7 access to your dedicated servers, data storage devices, and software within a secure, streamlined environment that your IT department does not need to maintain.
TrakSYS Deployment Cloud Based

Hybrid: Host what you need. Send the rest to the cloud.

Deploying TrakSYS in a hybrid capacity offers significant flexibility, allowing businesses to balance their needs between cloud and on-premises solutions. Whether it’s due to a strategic decision to keep certain core functionalities localized without the extensive resources required for a full on-prem deployment or any other operational consideration, a hybrid approach enables businesses to optimize their infrastructure. In this model, companies can enjoy many of the advantages of full-cloud deployments, such as scalability and accessibility, albeit with some adjustments due to the partial on-prem hosting. Additionally, this approach provides the tangible benefit of more direct, “hands-on” control that comes with on-premises hosting, ensuring that critical parts of the system align closely with specific operational needs and preferences.

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