Predictive Maintenance Software

Manage maintenance more effectively using real-time equipment data.
TrakSYS preventative and predictive maintenance management software

Manage Equipment Reliability and Longevity by being Proactive

The TrakSYS maintenance management solution provides insight into production processes, equipment performance, and analysis of real-time data gathered from machines, helping manufacturers maximize overall productivity through preventive and predictive maintenance management systems.

Maximize Capacity Utilization
Increase On-Time Delivery
Reduce Maintenance Costs
Extend Equipment Life

More Flexible and Responsive Maintenance Management

Whether you now use a CMMS system, spreadsheets, or just pen and paper, adding TrakSYS will help improve the effectiveness of your predictive and preventive maintenance program. Based on an easy-to-use mobile software platform, TrakSYS works alongside your maintenance crew, providing greater visibility, knowledge, and control.

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Work Order Management

Communicate work requests and prioritization to the maintenance department. Maintain records of work completed, labor utilized, and material cost.

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule equipment inspection and care using equipment runtime or cycles, monitored equipment conditions, or traditional time intervals.

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TrakSYS Document and Revision Control Software

In-Line Work Instructions, Manuals, Locations

Provide maintenance technicians work instructions, equipment manuals, and spare part locations for quick reference.

Work Order Scheduling

Optimize the use of existing and resources, with comprehensive scheduling. Cross-reference production schedules, labor schedules, and work order schedules to take advantage of optimal conditions for maintenance activities.

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Example of TrakSYS predictive maintenance software for manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance

Identify potential equipment failures before they are catastrophic. TrakSYS predictive maintenance software helps you track key indicators, including Vibration; Temperature; Oil Analysis; Amperage; Differential Pressure.

Metrics & Reporting

Gain visibility into maintenance operations, including status of work orders, on-time completion, and Response and Wrench-time to return equipment to a good running state. Quickly identify which equipment and root causes require corrective actions to improve equipment performance.

Metrics and Reporting Screen for Maintenance


Web-based configuration tools and an integrated scripting environment allow the construction of tailored maintenance management solutions without the need for custom code.


TrakSYS is a full manufacturing operations management (MOM) system, with standard function libraries that can be readily adjusted to create focused solutions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development. This important functionality delivers both rapid deployment and cost-effective extensibility.


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