Real-Time Inventory Management

Manage inventory - from raw materials to finished goods - more effectively using real-time production and ERP data.

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Inventory Software Screen

You Want to Maintain Tight Control of Inventory, to Increase Production Efficiency and Reduce Working Capital Requirements.

TrakSYS can provide real-time visibility for inventory movement and production progress to improve on-time delivery while reducing inventory and production lead times.

Improve Inventory Accuracy


Reduce Write-Downs


Decrease Lead Times


Monitor Supplier Quality

Track and Manage Materials and Inventory Throughout Your Enterprise

Use TrakSYS to maintain inventory accuracy and track real-time location and status, including ERP synchronization. In addition, TrakSYS can provide two-way traceability and genealogy from the product made to materials consumed, or materials consumed to products affected.

Raw Materials Software Callout

Raw Materials

Gain visibility into your supply chain, including notifications for replenishment, data analysis for raw material testing and Certificates of Analysis, production and quality performance by material supplier or lot.

Scheduling Software Callout

Planning and Scheduling

Plan and schedule human and machine resources, to fully utilize the available time of workforce and equipment. Track schedule compliance, changes and reasons.

Work-In-Process Software Callout


Gain full visibility of material locations, statuses, and interruptions in material flow. Reduce delays caused by inventory queues which are often a result of inadequate communication.

Finished Goods Software Goods

Finished Goods

Determine quantities required to fulfill orders. Real-time exception reporting for late and partial quantities. Stock-out predictions based on usage patterns.

Track Item Software Callout - History and Traceability


Track materials throughout production, including Supplier, Lot Code, Process Route, Employee Touches, Dates/Times, Quality Test Results, Process Parameters, etc.

Metrics & Reporting

Gain visibility into scheduling & inventory metrics to improve supply chain performance. Quickly determine areas of the process that require corrective action to decrease order to ship lead-times and improve on-time delivery performance.

Metrics and Reporting Software Screen for Inventory Management


Web-based configuration tools and an integrated scripting environment allow the construction of tailored solutions without the need for custom code.



TrakSYS is a full MOM platform, with standard function libraries that can be readily adjusted to create focused solutions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development. This important functionality delivers both rapid deployment and cost-effective extensibility.

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