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Meet the TrakSYS-enabled Smart Devices

Getting reliable production data is challenging, but necessary when it comes to the effective management of your manufacturing operations. To avoid gaps in data, manufacturers traditionally had to invest in expensive infrastructure that could be disruptive to operations. So, how do you make impactful, real-time production data more readily accessible?

Meet our TrakSYS-enabled Smart Devices. Meticulously engineered with manufacturers like you in mind, these petite workhorses bring the full power of automated, real-time data collection, visualization, and analysis to manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. Consisting of two physical components – the Universal Data Collector and the Coordinator, our Smart Devices address infrastructure challenges at a fraction of footprint and cost.

Operating on a self-healing RF mesh network, and capable of interfacing with a wide range of input types, our Smart Devices are more than mere facilitators of data collection. They enable condition-based monitoring, time-series data logging, preventive and predictive maintenance, notification and escalation management, KPI tracking, at-line, and in-process quality checks, and so much more.

Whether installed solely in your factory, or in conjunction with your upstream and downstream supply chain partners – our Smart Devices create an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration, efficiency, and fact-based decision making.

Today’s digitally-focused businesses thrive on accurate, real-time data, and the critical role it plays in making informed decisions.

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