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MES projects are notorious for being difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Traditional techniques used for modeling and executing MES projects can become mazes of scripting and configuration that can only be successfully navigated by the original teams that designed them. As the years go by, and those teams retire or move on, the MES project that was meant to solve business needs can become a locked-down relic that users fear to alter, lest they interfere with the system’s ability to function.

TrakSYS Visual Workflow seeks to refresh the image of MES rollouts by empowering the users and architects of today and tomorrow. In the earliest stages, the layout of an MES solution, (as well as existing operations and functions), is often diagramed on paper. These visual diagrams go on to become the configuration and scripting for implementation purposes. The TrakSYS Visual Workflow tools are designed to make it possible for users and system architects to replace their paper-based diagrams with a digital, dynamic, and contextualized modeling environment within TrakSYS. Solution interactions are orchestrated using unified diagrams and built-in workflow functions (waiting, execution, transitions, splitting, merging, etc.). By creating a living, visual layout of the MES solution, users and architects can continue to grow, refine, and gain real-time feedback from their implementation for years to come.

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