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Smart Devices: Webinar Wrap Up

Small Devices that deliver a big impact

Parsec’s TrakSYS-Powered Smart Devices make it possible for manufacturers to rapidly begin (or expand) their process level of automation. Our devices will enable users to quickly gather data from the factory floor without investing the time and resources into expensive automation systems or complicated networking projects. By utilizing a self-healing mesh network to handle the heavy lifting, our Smart Devices empower manufacturers to focus on doing things with their data, instead of focusing on how to get their data in the first place. Get up and running in minutes with a simple, 3-step setup process. Data can be gathered from a wide variety of input types to be used to generate tasks, trigger alarms, and much more. The built-in TrakSYS historian makes it easy to track state over time to further contextualize your data. The Smart Devices’ network-independent architecture allows for SIMS installations without the headache of opening ports or exchanging certificates. Follow along with the wrap up to hear how Parsec’s Smart Devices can unlock your factory’s potential while saving you time and money.

To watch the full webinar, click here.

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