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Powering Quality with TrakSYS Smart Devices: Full Length Webinar

Making Real-time SPC Simpler and Smarter

Most manufacturing processes are comprised of complex automation and equipment. Reducing unwanted variability in these processes is critical to minimizing production defects and improving the overall quality of finished goods. Most quality programs rely on manual measurements taken from sampled products to feed systems that utilize Statistical Process Control (SPC). However, better results can be achieved by collecting data on process setpoints and operating parameters directly from the equipment.

Watch the webinar, and learn how the TrakSYS Smart Devices can be utilized for data acquisition (and be combined with the platform’s SPC capabilities) to provide a uniquely powerful solution for product quality without the need for costly infrastructure changes. We’ll discuss how our non-disruptive Smart Devices collect critical equipment telemetry that feeds directly into real-time SPC control charting and alerts that make quality management as simple as possible.

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