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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Bridge the Gap Between Planning and Production

A disconnect exists in your manufacturing between planning and executing jobs. This divide wastes time and causes fulfillment delays. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools may manage your production, but they can’t answer for execution. For that, you need a system that can connect your ERP to the factory floor: a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

TrakSYS is a full MES platform, that supplies the infrastructure you require to plan, sort, and execute jobs – when, where and how you need it most. TrakSYS leverages connectivity to your ERP and the production systems to bridge the gap between planning and execution. TrakSYS provides detailed information concerning workflow patterns, process capabilities, and production constraints – both in real-time and historically – to empower fact-based advanced planning and scheduling (APS). TrakSYS takes the guesswork out of APS.

TrakSYS is designed to improve all aspects of your manufacturing operations to:

  • Provide insight into your production in real-time
  • Decrease lead time with overall production
  • Improve delivery making more on-time orders
  • Streamline your supply chain across the organization
  • Minimize changeover in both time and disruption
  • Reduce inventory allowing the utilization of Just-In-Time manufacturing and optimal inventory levels
  • Maximize productivity of your entire organization
  • Optimize resource allocation in real-time

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OEE & Performance

Manage Your Factory’s Performance

TrakSYS will help you measurably improve the performance of your manufacturing operations quickly, economically, and sustainably. TrakSYS benchmarks performance and productivity, by collecting and aggregating data, to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence for significant productivity improvement – while leveraging your existing assets, resources and infrastructure.

  • View your production summaries (actual v. target) enterprise wide
  • Enclosure and all exposed components are NEMA 4 (IP64/65) rated
  • Compare improvement activities and their result
  • Improve your production planning, scheduling, productivity, and profitability
  • Evaluate root causes of poor performance

TrakSYS involves your personnel throughout the value chain in continuous improvement by methodically recording ideas, recommendations, corrective actions, observations, and decisions in a comprehensive knowledgebase. This enables documentation and preservation of information that might otherwise be lost without a convenient and automatic method for capturing it.

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SPC & Quality

You Can Achieve World-Class Quality

Quality is a critical aspect of your productivity and achieving world-class quality is a goal that all successful manufacturing companies aspire to achieve. Some essential elements of quality management are, data management, process control, resource tracking, continuous improvement, product quality, transparency, and a clear audit trail.

Through a real-time, interactive, and operationally focused approach to your quality management, TrakSYS makes it possible to bring about and enforce a quality-by-design culture that is both very effective and sustainable. With TrakSYS, you can manage all essential elements of quality such as SOPs, tasks, accountability, traceability, notifications, audit trail, reports, scheduling, and analysis.

  • Manage workflows, business rules, SOPs, tasks, and analytics
  • Record your process-related, data, defects, waste, yield, and observations
  • Provide electronic records and reports for in-depth analysis
  • Involve your stakeholders in corrective actions to ensure continuous improvement
  • Analyze production hazards and critical process control points historically and in real-time
  • Manage regulatory requirements related to traceability, audit trail, and digital signatures

TrakSYS allows creation of workflow and specific quality, SPC, HACCP, and CAPA tasks. All of your requisite business rules, triggers, frequencies, escalation provisions, permissions, and exception handling authorities are configurable. And TrakSYS makes it possible to easily define the rules for data capture from various sources needed for real-time and historical analysis of process behavior and regulatory reporting. The availability of contextualized information affords you and your operators a much clearer insight into the causes of poor quality and the needed corrective actions.

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Streamline Your Operations and Regulatory Compliance

Today’s regulatory environment demands better quality and compliance processes. Is your existing system efficient and effective? Can it handle new requirements from FDA and other regulators? TrakSYS enables compliance with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 and European Annex 11 regulations for electronic records.

TrakSYS automates your recordkeeping process and stores all necessary documents in a centralized, web-based location so every stakeholder involved in your process can find the most up-to-date documents in one place. All configuration changes, actions, recorded value adjustments, and electronic signatures are recorded for the creation of a comprehensive audit trail. Interactive reports and dashboards allow filtered queries of the audit trail.

  • Automate Collection of your process data from raw materials to finished product
  • Combine data collection with your operator observations, workflow checks, and feedback
  • Real-time notifications of non-conformance events
  • Accurate production information to meet your regulatory reporting requirements
  • Compliance and traceability throughout production processes built in by design

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Protect Consumers. Protect Your Brand.

Traceability in production is critical to protecting consumers and your brand. For regulated plants, tracking, tracing, and digitally recording the genealogy of raw materials, Work-in-Process (WIP), and go-to-market products is essential to regulatory compliance. Leverage TrakSYS to detect and report on your products in real-time with actionable data, proving to partners, regulators and customers that your products are made in compliance with correct processes.

  • Avoid product recalls and poor quality resulting in brand loss
  • Comply with all regulations and governing bodies
  • Reduce your business risk for; regulatory requirements, increased recall effectiveness and speed, and brand consistency
  • Manage logistics in real-time accurately and effectively
  • Decrease your scrap and waste from poor quality and non-conformances
  • Get a comprehensive view of your operations, including:
    • Material Receiving
    • Material Location Tracking
    • Finished Goods Lot Identification
    • Material Consumption and Finished Goods
    • Product Shipping

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Workflow Management Improves Your Overall Performance

Many manufacturers like you face significant challenges in managing workflows in their operations. Effective planning requires real-time feedback. You can link your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to existing production systems on the plant floor, to help identify your constraints and capabilities in real-time. But an ERP system wasn’t designed to handle this task. Without a workflow management solution in place many organizations have challenges with communication, personnel management, bottlenecks, waste and rework, and (ultimately) customer satisfaction.

By defining workflows and tasks, TrakSYS executes assignments and provides visibility into your process improvement opportunities. Its real-time workflow management and task capabilities drive product quality and business profitability, dramatically impacting productivity. Use TrakSYS to:

  • Reduce wait time
  • Communicate tasks
  • Automate information
  • Lower your production costs
  • Decrease waste and rework
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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Take a Proactive Approach to Maintenance

The need to reduce the overall cost of maintenance while ensuring maximum uptime of production processes requires access to critical business intelligence about your manufacturing operations to understand the actual utilization, breakdowns, and runtimes of equipment. Having this information available to you in real-time enables “smart” technology solutions to optimize the scheduling of maintenance activities, simplify your process of performing maintenance, and achieve greater visibility into your maintenance program throughout the manufacturing operation.

By creating an overview of equipment faults and breakdowns, their frequencies, and root causes, TrakSYS creates a fresh perspective to better manage your maintenance activities, maintenance intervals, resources, spare parts, and cost. Define, plan, manage, execute, and optimize all maintenance activities throughout your manufacturing operations. Gain actionable insight through comprehensive electronic records of all tasks, assignments, results, and KPIs along with your personalized reports and dashboards.

  • Real-time visibility into your maintenance schedules and activities
  • Convenient 24/7 access to maintenance instructions, SOPs, and service contracts
  • Simple user interfaces for scheduling and executing maintenance
  • Decrease your maintenance costs: problems can be resolved before they result in downtime or stoppages
  • Augment existing maintenance software functionality where operational gaps exist
  • Improve the overall efficiency and cost of your maintenance program

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Batch Processing

Improve Your Batch Management. Generate Electronic Batch Records.

Proper Weighing and Dispensing is critical to your process manufacturing. You must carefully control your process for both quality and efficiency. Product giveaway results in lost profits, while under filled items lead to customer dissatisfaction. TrakSYS alleviates this concern, and provides for compliance with e-recordkeeping regulations, by integrating with your existing systems to create an accurate electronic record of materials at every stage in the production process.

Thousands of recipes reside in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. To access this data and communicate it correctly requires a reliable system. The process can be hindered by paper-based processes, which take up time and may be inaccurate. TrakSYS offers versatile recipe and batch management capabilities designed for executing your batching operations. The integrated functionality built into TrakSYS makes it possible to enforce SOPs and tasks, recipes, versions, assets, materials, and labor. A complete electronic audit trail of your transactions can be available to meet the most stringent EBR requirements. As a solution for manual and automatic operations, TrakSYS effectively:

  • Defines necessary materials needed and coordinate with ERP
  • Enforces compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Traces your materials to their lots and suppliers
  • Handles weight instructions for specific materials
  • Maintains your electronic records for all transactions
  • Tracks and traces material usage and consumption throughout the value stream

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Materials & Inventory

Manage Your Materials and Inventory

Your manufacturing operations require consumption of raw materials or components. To achieve streamlined operations, material usage must be efficient and traceable. TrakSYS provides an impressive set of standard features to effectively manage material-related activities throughout your value stream. From quality, regulatory, brand protection, and economic perspectives, it is critical to have detailed electronic record of your jobs, material transactions, lot numbers, movements and locations, and points of consumption. This information streamlines material tracking and reporting requirements.

TrakSYS helps improve your supply chain management, by providing visibility to the suppliers for material and parts usage to significantly improve the JIT supply model. As a real-time application in manufacturing operations management, TrakSYS connects directly to production, determining your process capabilities based on materials and constraints. Through advanced analytics and benchmarking, TrakSYS readily determines ideal inventory levels based on process capabilities, quality, consumption patterns, yield, suppliers, production constraints, and asset performance.

  • Manage your material consumption based on jobs in various areas and stages of production
  • Source lots, quantities, transaction time and date, locations, operator ID, utilized assets, related tasks, and more
  • Record e-signatures for complete track and trace functionality
  • Optimize your inventory levels using material consumption and lead time statistics
  • Balance between fulfilling your orders and over stocking
  • Rank your suppliers by performance to utilize the best and most cost-effective

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Your Energy Management is Key to Achieving Sustainability

There is a lot more to sustainability than measuring energy usage. TrakSYS is a powerful information management tool that enables optimization of performance and sustainability. By defining asset models, product profiles, data sources, data management rules, analytics, visualization preferences, and information dissemination requirements, TrakSYS significantly simplifies the complex process of achieving sustainable improvement in wasteful consumption of resources.

In order to have a meaningful solution, many aspects of your manufacturing operations must be factored in – to provide the needed context to clearly measure, analyze, understand, correct, control, and improve your overall performance (including streamlined consumption). TrakSYS does this by measuring usage in real time and contextualizing the data with operating conditions, asset performance, and specific targets for optimal productivity. The result is a clear understanding – both in real time and historically – of consumption patterns, causes of excess usage, the impact of planning, deployed assets, materials, maintenance, and even personnel training. TrakSYS:

  • Provides your consumption details to gain meaningful and measurable insights into energy usage, giving users an accurate view of consumption at all times
  • Contextualizes to gain insights into your consumption by products manufactured
  • Benchmarks to determine the impact of assets maintenance, and training
  • Improves, to chart a clear plan for sustainable manufacturing
  • Reduces the need for raw materials, labor, energy, utilities, (fuel, steam, compressed air, water, etc.) and maintenance frequencies
  • Reduces consumption of energy and utilities needed for your manufacturing operations

Take Control of Your Factory

TrakSYS has been designed to work the way you work: fast, flexible, and focused on solving specific business challenges. And we’ve created a set of pre-configured solutions that correspond with the challenges faced by our customers most frequently, such as OEE, E-Records, SPC, and more. So what do you want to do with TrakSYS? Start with one of our pre-configured solutions, or create your own using the powerful built-in configuration tools.

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