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From quality, regulatory, brand protection, and economic perspectives, it is critical to have detailed electronic record of your jobs, material transactions, lot numbers, movements and locations, and points of consumption. This information streamlines material tracking and reporting requirements.

As a real-time application in manufacturing operations management, TrakSYS connects directly to production, determining your process capabilities based on materials and constraints. Through advanced analytics and benchmarking, TrakSYS readily determines ideal inventory levels based on process capabilities, quality, consumption patterns, yield, suppliers, production constraints, and asset performance.

  • Manage your material consumption based on jobs in various areas and stages of production
  • Source lots, quantities, transaction time and date, locations, operator ID, utilized assets, related tasks, and more
  • Record e-signatures for complete track and trace functionality
  • Optimize your inventory levels using material consumption and lead-time statistics
  • Balance between fulfilling your orders and overstocking
  • Rank your suppliers by performance to utilize the best and most cost-effective

TrakSYS provides an impressive set of standard features to effectively manage material-related activities throughout your value stream. And TrakSYS helps improve your supply chain management, by providing visibility to the suppliers for material and parts usage to significantly improve the JIT supply model.

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materials management

Decorative paint maker Akzo Nobel significantly increased overall efficiency ­— including a 16% increase in on-time delivery — by using TrakSYS™ for real-time operations management. Find out how they did it.