Do You Have a Winning Strategy for Quality Management?

, Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager

In recent years, game-changing technologies have come into play both in the U.S. and abroad, holding the promise of leveling up a manufacturer’s position on the proverbial playing field. As economic and business shifts continue to change the rules of customer engagement, which solution should you choose to outmaneuver your competitors with higher-quality, more cost-effective output?  

As an industry player for more than 30 years, Parsec is highly experienced in delivering manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our TrakSYS MES is purpose-built and performance-driven to help production teams gain and maintain a competitive edge in monitoring, controlling, and improving throughput and yield.

Bring your visual field into focus with accurate data.

TrakSYS integrates into your existing infrastructure to aggregate, analyze, and manage machine data and human insight across your operation. No matter if you start with one solution or several, TrakSYS enables you to identify areas that are performing well and areas that need improvement. Armed with this knowledge, you can achieve peak performance through your chosen methodologies, such as Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, CI, WCM, and more. 

TrakSYS end-to-end contextualized visibility brings transparency to historical trending, material consumption, and process deviations with automated, standardized, KPI-based metrics. With TrakSYS, you can tailor your facility’s performance scorecard to capture root cause analysis and benchmark results. 

Enforce SOPs from your production playbook.

TrakSYS provides a full range of control functions to help you enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs) and adhere to quality and regulatory compliance standards in every facet of your production. 

  • Evaluate and share operational data with tailored quality dashboards. 
  • Create and maintain SOPs to address non-conformances and regulatory requirements.  
  • Generate real-time notifications and actionable alerts for management and line operators.

Bring your “A” game ― Agility – to your continuous improvement.

TrakSYS makes it possible for your team to implement a quality-by-design culture that is both effective and sustainable. With real-time, data-driven, actionable insights from TrakSYS, you can level up your quality and make performance improvements that place you in the lead.

Contact us today to learn how you can make TrakSYS part of your winning strategy.

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