Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations Using Real-Time Data

With TrakSYS Managing Your Manufacturing Operations

Over 11,000 Plants Run TrakSYS to Help Them Gain Greater Visibility, Knowledge, and Control

Elevate Your Business with a World-Class MES Platform

The complex world of manufacturing needs smart and agile MES solutions to make it work effectively – all the time. At Parsec, we have dedicated ourselves to devising creative and innovative answers for some of the most challenging issues manufacturing has to deal with – now and in the future. These answers are derived from our deep practical experience and are based on TrakSYS, our versatile production and operations management platform.

One Platform. Many Solutions.

Use the TrakSYS MES platform to create solutions for real-time, data-driven manufacturing operations management. We have everything you need to succeed.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Maintain tight control of inventory to increase production efficiency, and reduce working capital requirements.

Production Planning
Production Planning

Plan, schedule, execute, and deliver goods as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Quality Management
Quality Management

Gain real-time, insights into the causes of poor quality, and create a closed-loop system of statistical process control (SPC).

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

Boost equipment performance and analysis of real-time data gathered from machines, to help maximize overall productivity through predictive maintenance.

Diverse Industries. Common Challenges.

The TrakSYS MES platform has been deployed at thousands of factories in over 100 countries, and in a variety of industries, including automotive, chemicals, food and beverage, life sciences, packaged goods, and more.

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Manufacturing Operations Management,
Made as Simple as Possible

As a unified, web-based MOM software, TrakSYS is easily scalable and customizable. Manage all your manufacturing operations from any web-enabled device, anytime, anywhere.

One Unified Platform

As a unified MOM software platform, every application (Quality, Performance, E-Records, etc.) is housed within TrakSYS.


The TrakSYS platform connects to your existing infrastructure (ERP, SCADA, PLCs, IIOT, etc.) through a variety of industry-standard protocols.

Protecting the Future

TrakSYS has the ability to scale as your business grows. Seamlessly activate additional solutions as need arises, without the fear of operational disruption.

Affordable Ownership

TrakSYS offers significantly reduced cost of ownership – from development to deployment, from beneficial use to maintenance. Less to spend, more to gain.

Discover the impact TrakSYS has at every stage of your operation.

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