The Business Value of TrakSYS™

A Qualitative and Quantitative Value Study by IDC

The Business Value of TrakSYS™

A Qualitative and Quantitative Report by IDC

TrakSYS in Action


3-year ROI


in revenue gained annually


fewer manufacturing errors


in savings on materials costs

9 Months

to payback

Through in-depth interviews with leading global manufacturers, International Data Center (IDC) worked to establish the value and impact of Parsec’s manufacturing execution system, TrakSYS, on manufacturing operations. In its 20-page analysis, IDC explores the cost and resource efficiencies businesses gained by utilizing TrakSYS.

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  • Proof points from executive summary.
  • Achieve better business results by saving on material costs, enhancing team performance, and reducing manufacturing errors.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of plant floor operations.
  • Increase the productivity levels of operations staff across production, maintenance, and quality control.

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