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Protect Consumers, Your Brand, and Your Bottom Line

Traceability in production is critical to protecting consumers and your brand. For regulated plants, recording, tracking, and tracing the genealogy of raw materials, Work-in-Process (WIP), and go-to-market products is essential to regulatory compliance. Of course, a traceability solution can do more than help you comply with regulations; when traceability data is providing real-time transparency, it can help you proactively limit the impact of any quality problem before product is shipped.

Protect Customer Safety and Brand Reputation

Comply with Regulatory


Recall Time
and Costs

A Full Two-way Traceability Solution

The TrakSYS Traceability solution captures a digital record of material and activities through the production lifecycle. TrakSYS can also integrate with ERP and LIMS to provide an expanded traceability chain from raw material sources through quality control and finished product release to customers. With TrakSYS tracing goods, backward along the supply chain or forward along the distribution chain, is accomplished in seconds instead of days with paper-based systems.

Production Lot History

Track material lots, sublots, and consumption through each production step. Manage the assignment of new lot numbers and individual product serialization for more granular lot traceability, making it easier to isolate quality, warranty or safety issues.


Track product components through the production lifecycle including the raw materials, intermediate materials, and finished product stages to expedite investigation of customer complaints, supplier recalls, and other related quality conditions.

Real-time Inventory Management

Gain full visibility of material locations, statuses, and interruptions in material flow. Leverage machinery automation to track consumption and maintain inventory accuracy. Track and automate material replenishment to minimize production and delivery delays.

Barcode and RFID Integration

Leverage hardware like 1D and 2D barcodes, Direct Part Marking, and RFID technology to reduce human error and improve productivity.


Web-based configuration tools allow you to build tailored solutions without the need for custom code.


TrakSYS is a full MOM platform, with standard function libraries that can be readily adjusted to create focused solutions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development. This important functionality delivers both rapid deployment and cost-effective extensibility.

Learn More About the Power of Two-Way Traceability

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White Paper

Track and Trace Materials from Supplier to Finished Goods

Learn what tracking a product’s life-cycle throughout production can add to your manufacturing operations.


TrakSYS Next-Generation MOM platform

TrakSYS has been designed to work the way you work: fast, flexible, and focused on solving specific business challenges.

Case Study

Traceability Improves Quality and Productivity in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Dana ENCO wanted to ensure the quality of each manufactured part with complete traceability through accurate data collection and analysis at each and every step of production.

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