Overcoming the Fear of Cultural Change with Digital Transformation

, Communications Lead
Communications Lead

When companies become accustomed to doing things a certain way, introducing change—on any level— may seem disruptive and overwhelming. However, maintaining inefficient or outdated operations for the sake of keeping things “the same” often leads to cost and resource inefficiencies and impedes growth opportunities for the business and its employees.

System integrators (SIs) that are well-versed in the intricacies of digitalizing operations understand the benefits that modernizing outdated processes can deliver. By having plans in place to manage and communicate the transitions inherent to a digital transformation journey, SIs can help their clients navigate the fear of change that comes with the implementation of technologies like manufacturing execution systems (MES).

While it is true that MES and process automation solutions have been on the market for years, there is still some lingering hesitation surrounding their implementation and adoption. These tools have significantly improved operational insight and production capacity, enabling manufacturers to create and deliver their goods more efficiently and effectively. Yet, SIs may find their customers loathe to embrace these powerful platforms due to fear of change. Many industries, however, are currently at an inflection point. Digitalization is no longer optional, and companies that neglect to upgrade their technology stack may find themselves falling behind competitors that have embraced these solutions.

Communicate Empowerment

Even when business leaders realize the need to streamline and simplify the management of their operations with an MES platform like TrakSYS in order to stay relevant and profitable, employees may still have concerns about how the implementation will affect the day-to-day culture of the organization.

It’s important for SIs to communicate that an MES implementation will help empower and up-level employees, maximizing their individual impact. TrakSYS does not replace or eliminate the need for employees but instead enables them to build and strengthen their skillset.

System integrators play an important role in assuaging the fear of cultural change. Through their support during the implementation process and beyond, SIs can help teams get on board with the platform and experience the benefits of TrakSYS.

Communicate Performance Agility

There is no denying that change can elicit some apprehension as businesses adjust to a different way of doing things. But, as more manufacturers trend toward digitalization, the cost of inaction will become a liability. Businesses risk falling far behind organizations that have already made strides in their digital transformation journeys. However, catching up or staying ahead is not an overwhelming feat with an MES like TrakSYS.

As a modular, interoperable platform, TrakSYS can transition a manufacturing operation to be more efficient and cost-effective in a way that is iterative and minimally disruptive to the production process and to employees. What’s more, Parsec’s robust Partner Program ensures that TrakSYS users and managers are trained and fully able to leverage the power of TrakSYS to optimize their operations.

Employee engagement runs parallel to technology adoption. Both are critical to business performance and success. Both TrakSYS and the Parsec Partner Program provide comprehensive, robust support to manufacturing operations and the people they employ.

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