Visibility, Knowledge, and Control: Unlocking the Power of Real-Time Data

, Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager

More than ever before, today’s manufacturers need contextualized, actionable, real-time data to, amongst other things, improve forecasting accuracy, streamline production, and remain competitive. Faced with lingering supply chain hurdles and rapidly evolving customer expectations, accurate demand and production data enable manufacturers to glean the insights necessary to improve workflows, optimize quality control, and increase profitability. With data being constantly generated on the factory floor, the question arises — are you effectively capturing, contextualizing, and utilizing these pertinent insights? With new players entering the marketplace every day, a lack of real-time data, and the agility it enables, means losing the ability to rapidly respond to changes in the market and risking falling behind the competition.

For the Record

Manufacturers are aware of the trend toward digital. However, as a group, they tend to be laggards in their digital transformation journeys. Many companies, regardless of size, still rely on manual data-gathering practices. Half of global manufacturers still primarily utilize Excel spreadsheets or data warehouses that do not offer advanced tracking or market intelligence. Without an automated, dedicated system of record, gaps in visibility, human error, and lapses in data security and integrity will continue to be pain points for companies that rely on manual record-keeping.

Having a dedicated system of record for a business or enterprise can transform the effectiveness of shop floor operations by streamlining communication and providing the right people with the right information at the right time. Whereas siloed data prohibits cross-departmental synergy and overall business agility, a digital, dedicated system provides teams with immediate access to things like real-time production and performance data, best practice documents, historical trends, operator journals, and more.

Creating Enterprise-Wide Visibility

The modern supply chain is an increasingly complex organism consisting of many upstream and downstream partners. Ensuring production gets executed on time requires greater transparency for product replenishment and inventory management. Increased data visibility enhances communication across the supply chain, which enables manufacturers to better understand raw material availability and mitigate any supply chain interruptions without production delays. If one supplier is experiencing a business interruption, increased visibility allows you to quickly pivot to another supplier.

In addition to strengthening production consistency and efficiency, supply chain-wide visibility also gives way to comprehensive traceability, which enables manufacturers to mitigate and prevent costly product recalls. Access to accurate, detailed records makes it easy for companies to identify tainted raw materials, what they were used in, and where the finished goods containing those materials ended up.

MES, Real-Time Data, and Operational Optimization

In today’s digitally driven world, a connected operation is a successful one. The data you need to streamline production, elevate quality, establish traceability, and optimize your end-to-end operations already exists. Tools like TrakSYS, our Manufacturing Execution System (MES), help you turn those raw, operational insights into real-time actionable intelligence.

Contact us today to learn how TrakSYS can increase your visibility, knowledge, and control.

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