Go Beyond OEE Measurement:
Real-Time Performance Management

Looking to improve your manufacturing performance? You don’t need OEE measurement tools. You need a Real-Time Performance Management solution. What’s the difference? Most so-called ‘OEE measurement’ systems capture data from only one source, giving you reports with pretty pictures but no real substance. Others capture lots of data but fail to give you the necessary tools to act on what you’ve learned. TrakSYS is different. Our Real-Time Performance Management solution gives you the insights you need to understand what’s limiting your factory’s performance, and the tools you need — like alerts and notifications, journaling, and more —to improve your operation.



Capture Real-Time Production Results

TrakSYS benchmarks performance and productivity, by collecting and aggregating data from multiple sources (PLCs, IIoT, manual), to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence for significant productivity improvement – while leveraging your existing assets, resources and infrastructure.


Evaluate Root Causes of Poor Performance

Gain unparalleled insight into your operation, using the many standard dashboards and reports included with the TrakSYS OEE Performance Management solution. Want to see more? You can easily create custom reports, using the web-based configuration tools built into TrakSYS.



Take Action, with Tasks, Journals, and Notifications

Take what you’ve learned about your operation and put it into action, using TrakSYS’ built-in task management features. Enter critical operating notes in Journals. Assign Tasks to operators and maintenance team members. Send out Notifications for urgent issues.

See TrakSYS OEE in Action


See TrakSYS OEE in Action


Monitor. Measure. Improve.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive. It is the key metric for measuring the performance of your operation, but many companies measure it incorrectly, or don’t measure it all. In our 30 years of experience helping manufacturers be more productive (and profitable) we’ve learned a thing or two — and we’ve put that expertise into TrakSYS. Using TrakSYS to gather real-time OEE data is simple and effective, and the investment you make will return dividends almost from the minute you turn it on. Find out more. Watch the video.

How OEE is Measured:

(downtime loss)

Includes changeovers, sanitation/cleaning, breakdowns, startup/shutdown, no components, facility problems, and capital projects.

(speed loss)

Includes running a production system at a speed lower than the theoretical run rate, and short stop failures such as jams and overloads.

(defect loss)

Includes production and startup rejects, process defects, reduction in yield, and products that need to be reworked to conform to quality standards.

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  • Job / Process Orders – Overview

  • Job / Process Orders – Planned (Tabular)

  • Job / Process Orders – Create Job

  • Configuration – Schedule Calendar

  • Events – Acknowledge

  • Events – Acknowledge (Select Event Category)

  • Events – Split

  • Historian – Report

  • Reports – Job Overview

  • Reports – Job (OEE Detail)

  • Reports – Shift Overview

Learn More About the Power of OEE

Want to learn more about OEE? Check out these handy documents.


While calculating and improving your own OEE always adds value to your organization, it helps to know where others stand to truly benchmark your OEE levels.

Uncovering Hidden Capacity Utilizing OEE

Explore how to uncover hidden OEE to unlock unseen potential with your existing infrastructure. Learn how small tweaks can save your manufacturing plant millions of dollars each year.

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