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You want to reduce the overall cost of maintenance while ensuring maximum uptime of production. You need access to critical business intelligence about your manufacturing operations, to understand the actual utilization, breakdowns, and runtimes of equipment.

By creating an overview of equipment faults and breakdowns, their frequencies, and root causes, TrakSYS creates a fresh perspective to better manage your maintenance activities, maintenance intervals, resources, spare parts, and cost. Define, plan, manage, execute, and optimize all maintenance activities throughout your manufacturing operations. Gain actionable insight through comprehensive electronic records of all tasks, assignments, results, and KPIs along with your personalized reports and dashboards.

  • Real-time visibility into your maintenance schedules and activities
  • Convenient 24/7 access to maintenance instructions, SOPs, and service contracts
  • Simple user interfaces for scheduling and executing maintenance
  • Decrease your maintenance costs: problems can be resolved before they result in downtime or stoppages
  • Augment existing maintenance software functionality where operational gaps exist
  • Improve the overall efficiency and cost of your maintenance program

With maintenance information available to you in real-time via TrakSYS, you can achieve greater visibility into equipment throughout the operation, optimize the scheduling of maintenance activities, and simplify your maintenance processes.

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Success Story
Maintenance management

Schering-Plough (Merck & Co.) was seeking to control variability in production. With the help of TrakSYS, the company was able to reduce unit cost by 25.5% (and decrease overtime costs by 62%) while still producing the same volume. FInd out how they achieved these results.


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