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batch management


Proper weighing and dispensing is critical to your process manufacturing. You must carefully control your process for both quality and efficiency. Thousands of recipes reside in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. To access this data and communicate it correctly requires a reliable system. The process can be hindered by paper-based processes, which take up time and may be inaccurate.

TrakSYS offers versatile recipe and batch management capabilities designed for executing your batching operations. The functionality built into TrakSYS makes it possible to enforce SOPs and tasks, recipes, versions, assets, materials, and labor. A complete electronic audit trail of your transactions can be available to meet the most stringent EBR requirements. As a solution for manual and automatic operations, TrakSYS effectively:

  • Defines necessary materials needed and coordinate with ERP
  • Enforces compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Traces your materials to their lots and suppliers
  • Handles weight instructions for specific materials
  • Maintains your electronic records for all transactions
  • Tracks and traces material usage and consumption throughout the value stream

Product giveaway results in lost profits, while underfilled items lead to customer dissatisfaction. TrakSYS alleviates this concern, and provides for compliance with e-recordkeeping regulations, by integrating with your existing systems to create an accurate electronic record of materials at every stage in the production process.

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