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Effective Electronic Batch Management of Records

Effective Management of Electronic Batch Records

Discover the Impact of TrakSYS-Powered E-Records

The arrival of 21 CFR Part 11 and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) has brought a clearer regulatory roadmap for transitioning to Electronic Batch Records.

The challenge for managing electronic batch records (EBRs)  currently lies in negotiating the various issues related to infrastructure, existing systems, workflow, regulations, training, and the availability of a flexible solution to effectively, economically, and non-disruptively address these issues. In regulated industries such as Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverage, electronic batch records represent a significant opportunity for improvement.

As a meticulous, organized system for managing records, notes, observations, and more, EBRs makes it possible to quickly and effectively analyze electronic batch records and decide upon timely and proper responses.

Download our EBR white paper now to learn how TrakSYS empowers users to work together to efficiently meet operational excellence and regulatory requirements.

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