What are your deployment options for TrakSYS? We give you choices: on-premises, (either at an individual factory or at your data center), or a secure cloud-based solution that we host. And you can purchase a license or a subscription. How to choose the best solution for your company? Here are a few factors to consider.

on-premises (license):
maximum control. higher tco.

On Site

Deploying TrakSYS on your premises, either in an individual site or in a centralized IT center, gives you the greatest control over all aspects of the system, from installation and operation through long-term maintenance. Of course, when you factor in the costs of hardware and software, you will likely incur higher total cost of ownership relative to a hosted solution.

On Site

cloud-based (saas):
convenient. efficient. secure.

Deploying TrakSYS in a hosted cloud-based system offers advantages in efficiency and cost, compared to traditional on-premises solutions: simplified access, ease of use, and increased system availability, to name a few. With a cloud deployment you get 24/7 access to your dedicated servers, data storage devices, and software within a secure, streamlined environment that your IT department does not need to maintain.



partner spotlight

Looking for help deploying TrakSYS? We offer a worldwide network of partners. These highly qualified organizations have a demonstrated track record of delivering high-value solutions and top-notch customer service, and can help you with implementation, customization, and more. Visit our Find a Partner page to learn more.

As a Parsec Certified Partner, ASM has implemented many TrakSYS applications helping manufacturers become more productive and sustainable in a global Marketplace. The expert senior engineers at ASM Soft S.L., based in Vigo, Spain, use a holistic approach to help clients optimize their production process, improve productivity, reduce downtime, increase product quality, reduce energy consumption and reduce costs.


  • We were looking for a tool that would help us make better decisions that in turn would improve performance. In addition to having to fit with our company culture, another thing we wanted in our tracking system was flexibility. We wanted to be able to take the program out of the box and configure it to fit our needs. With some of the other options we looked at, the supplier took the position, ‘that is the way it works and the only way it works’. That was not the case with TrakSYS. Our operators had a lot of input into developing what the final solution looked like. Actually, we are still moving forward today, getting a little deeper and making our operations even more efficient. You could describe it as a living program.

    Tony Peterson
    Operation Manager
  • Once TrakSYS was deployed, we were able to quickly and effectively evaluate the root causes of poor performance. The initial focus of the project was on improving productivity for lines responsible for hormonal products. Within the first 12 months after deploying TrakSYS, we had already improved average OEE by 100 percent.

    Francisco Javier
    Production Manager
  • The tech support from Parsec is world class! Robert’s response was complete with screen shots and detailed instructions. Best of all, his one email response fixed all three problems. Nice job!

    Stephen P. Monaghan, P.E.
    Applied Control Engineering

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