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Parsec’s 2023 State of Manufacturing Survey: North America

A qualitative and quantitative assessment of the industry’s progress toward digitalization

The result of a months-long process that included insights from over 500 North American manufacturing companies, Parsec’s 2023 State of Manufacturing Survey: North America, sheds light on the challenges and opportunities ahead for the sector. The comprehensive report reveals an industry in flux, caught between a desire to innovate and a reluctance to undertake widespread change during uncertain times. Addressing the observed concerns and keen on helping manufacturers chart a successful path forward, Parsec’s report further explores how embracing technology—despite perceived misgivings—can help manufacturers adapt to volatility and prepare for the unexpected.

Survey Highlights

  • Manufacturers are pleased with digital transformation but may need to go further, as 31% of “fully transformed” companies still collect most of their data using manual processes.
  • Supply chain issues remain top of mind, with 53% of manufacturers saying their organizations are “hardly” or “somewhat” prepared to weather a storm.
  • Manufacturers anticipate using AI/ML, but just one-third (34%) feel their businesses are prepared to leverage this advanced technology.
  • MES technology is facing a knowledge gap, with 75% of manufacturers who report being familiar with—but not yet using MES—saying they don’t know how the technology would benefit their operations.
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