workflow management


Manufacturers face significant challenges in managing workflows in their operations. Effective planning requires real-time feedback. You can link your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to existing production systems on the plant floor, to help identify your constraints and capabilities in real-time. But an ERP system wasn’t designed to handle this task. Without a workflow management solution in place many organizations have challenges with communication, personnel management, bottlenecks, waste and rework, and (ultimately) customer satisfaction.

By defining workflows and tasks, TrakSYS executes assignments and provides visibility into your process improvement opportunities. Its real-time workflow management and task capabilities drive product quality and business profitability, dramatically impacting productivity. Use TrakSYS to:

  • Reduce wait time
  • Communicate tasks
  • Automate information
  • Lower your production costs
  • Decrease waste and rework
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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Success Story
workflow management

Agfa Graphics the leading supplier of digital printing solutions for sign, display, and industrial printing, used TrakSYS to significantly improve the performance of its manufacturing operations, and maximized their return on investment by leveraging existing infrastructure.