Achieve your Sustainability Goals with Real-Time
Energy Management

Manage Energy and Your Bottomline

Staying competitive in today’s manufacturing landscape demands running operations as efficiently as possible as a means to lowering waste while also meeting Sustainability and Environmental initiatives.

Manage Utility Consumption

Create a Roadmap for Energy Conservation

Predict Maintenance Issues

Achieve Sustainability Goals

A Complete Energy Management Solution

As a unified MOM platform, TrakSYS not only captures comprehensive production data but also delivers contextualized intelligence beyond stand-alone Energy Management systems to uncover the relationships of energy consumption to unique products and production activities.

Contextualize Utility Usage

TrakSYS Data Historian connects to meters and sensors to provide real-time visibility into energy consumption. TrakSYS allows you to further contextualize typical raw energy data. Manage budgets while uncovering energy saving opportunities with immediate impact.

Manual Entry Distribution

In addition to digitally connected devices, manually entered meter readings can be captured periodically. Consumption can be applied with a flat distribution or allocated based on production times or production counts during the time intervals selected.

Notifications & Alerts

TrakSYS allows user to configure in-system Notifications and email/text Alerts. Rapid communication enables decision makers to make precisely timed decision and actions.


Gain visibility into energy management- compare by Day, by Job, and by Shift.


Web-based configuration tools and an integrated scripting environment allow the construction of tailored solutions without the need for custom code.


TrakSYS is a full MOM platform, with standard function libraries that can be readily adjusted to create focused solutions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development. This important functionality delivers both rapid deployment and cost-effective extensibility.

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