MES implementation and delivery with TrakSYS Visual Workflow

Seeing is Believing

A Fresh Perspective

“Old reliable.” “Tried and true.” These phrases get associated with techniques that are known for effectively accomplishing a given task. When it comes to MES implementation and design, the tried and true method has always been configuration and scripting.

At the earliest stage, an MES system is often diagrammed out on paper. Those familiar with the business processes create visual workflows that emphasize their unique understanding of how the existing systems operate. When these diagrams are then utilized for configuration and scripting of a new MES system, some of the nuance and design of these workflows can get lost in translation. That’s where TrakSYS Visual Workflow comes in.

Designed to make it possible for business users and system architects to recreate their paper-based diagrams in their actual system, TrakSYS Visual Workflow accelerates solution creation and delivery.

TrakSYS Visual Workflow is less “out with the old, in with the new” and more “teamwork makes the dream work.” As the teams that designed your system retire or move on, TrakSYS Visual Workflow helps future users access, understand, and refine your system architecture for years to come. Download our brochure now, and discover how a living, visual layout of your MES platform accelerates solution creation and delivery throughout your digital supply chain and the manufacturing value stream.