Taking the Next Step

The drive for everything digital is relentless. Increased speed, efficiency, agility, cost-effectiveness—the demands for what’s next in manufacturing will continue growing. The latest iteration of the TrakSYS solution platform offers several very innovative and powerful features to help keep our customers and partners well ahead of the pack.

TrakSYS Visual Workflow

TrakSYS Visual Workflow Management offers a powerful way to reimagine how digitally interlaced operations (both within and outside the factory) are managed. Gone are the days of using static and cumbersome flowcharting tools to define how processes and procedures are executed. With the TrakSYS Visual Workflow Management, all aspects of your manufacturing activities can come to life. You can architect how work is done through every step, every action, every decision, every exception. Witness your operations unfold, enriched with details, exactly as you had envisioned them.

We’ve introduced intuitive, graphical flowcharting tools to allow you to define your workflows with ease. Diagram your processes by dragging, dropping, and connecting charting components. Define data sources, personnel interactions, and rules for execution. Manage notifications and escalations. View your defined workflows in contextualized visual dashboards that dynamically update in real-time.

Algorithmic Production Scheduling

Many factors impact production schedules: last minutes changes, raw material shortages, unscheduled maintenance, quality issues, and personnel availability (to name a few). Relying on static scheduling models (in most cases) can leave you shy of your goals. The way we see it, to have a shot at consistently meeting your key production milestones, you need to be able to continually monitor and assess your progress in real-time. You need to be able to look at the root causes of disruption and stoppages, and make the needed adjustments. Even in worst-case scenarios, prioritize what matters most, and still hit your main objectives with minimal negative impact. TrakSYS Algorithmic Production Scheduling (APS) makes this all possible.

TrakSYS APS continually monitors your production progress and strives to overcome delays by algorithmically determining adjustments to the production plans and cadence. The adjustments may be prioritized based on the preferences selected by the responsible managers. These adjustments may be made automatically, or through acceptance of human-in-the-loop.

TrakSYS-Enabled Smart Devices

Data is at the core of digital transformation. However, acquiring the data that enables higher levels of execution, analysis, and decision-making, can be difficult. Many legacy systems that manufacturers have acquired are unable to communicate with the digital platforms of today. The remedy is often as painful as the situation itself: costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive infrastructure updates.

Leveraging a new generation of smart devices designed by Parsec, we have established firm control over problematic infrastructure. Our smart data collection and analysis system, comprised of tiny universal data collectors, can collect data from numerous standard sensors and data sources (think digital, analog, frequency, serial, pulse, etc.). These devices eliminate the need for conventional networks by using a self-healing RF mesh to connect to an edge device that directly pushes the gathered data into the TrakSYS smart data structures.

Our devices solve an array of problems quickly, easily, effectively, and economically. No longer should a lack of data, and the high cost of a revamped infrastructure, stand in the way of your MES initiatives. When it comes to “making it as simple as possible,” it doesn’t get much simpler (or more compact) than this!

An Eye on the Future

There are many inherent complexities in manufacturing operations. To usher in a brighter age, we must eliminate complexities inherent in the software solutions used to manage these operations. According to Parsec CEO, Eddy Azad, “We measure our success by how broadly valuable our solution platform, TrakSYS, is to our customers. Regardless of how small or global they are, what type of infrastructure they have, and whether they have simple needs or face multifaceted challenges—TrakSYS must be able to help them achieve their goals.”

With a commitment to continued innovation for more effective ways to solve manufacturing challenges, and to help make the management of manufacturing operations as simple as possible, we give you TrakSYS 11.

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