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When online shopping, is there anything better than learning that the item you have had your eye on for weeks has come back in stock? You have been patiently waiting for this moment, and your hands know exactly what to do. With a few swift keystrokes, the item moves from your cart to checkout. Now all that’s left to do is wait. As the excitement-filled consumer experience comes to a close, the process that orchestrates the actual order fulfillment is just beginning.

The consumer experience is a simple process of pushing a few buttons. The order fulfillment process requires multiple business systems to work together and adhere to an order of operations and user-defined business rules, and that is where TrakSYS Visual Workflow comes in.

Download our infographic now and explore how TrakSYS Visual Workflow gets utilized by a manufacturer who has just implemented their TrakSYS MES platform. TrakSYS Visual Workflow enables users and system architects to recreate their paper-based system diagrams in their actual MES. This helps streamline the management of operations by creating live, dynamic, visual, and interactive operations-specific flow diagrams.

The fulfillment process of this order may span several hours or days, and the process will move through several states. Since the item will be handled by various users, this workflow accounts for the fact that email notifications that may need to be sent to users to initiate an action or reminder. As you will see, the workflow will pass through six states as the ordered item moves through its journey before finally arriving in the hands of the customer.