TrakSYS Certified Engineer Exam

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About the Exam

You have two hours to take this certification exam. Please note that all questions require an answer. You will have the option to check questions to review at the end.

This test is based upon a weighted-point system. A correct answer is worth 2 points, and an incorrect answer is worth 0 points. Every question will also have the optional answer of “I don’t know.” A response of “I don’t know” will assign 1 point to your overall score. For example, if there are 100 questions, and the passing score for the test is 170 points. This means that you cannot pass by only selecting “I don’t know.” The effective passing rate is an 85%, assuming that you answer all questions without using the “I don’t know” response.

This test is intended to be taken with all available resources. Utilize any training, support, and implementation resources that are available to you. This test will include basic questions about installation, page development, licensing and more. Near the end, there will be a few where you will most likely need to use the Support Site to find the answer.

The Fine Print

You certify that you are the person taking the TCE Exam. Allowing someone to impersonate you to take a TCE Exam, or engaging in impersonation to take an Examination for someone else, is considered fraud and is strictly prohibited;

The Exam Materials are the exclusive and confidential property of Parsec Automation Corp (“Parsec”) and are protected by Parsec’s intellectual property rights; Parsec, or its designated agents, have the right to research Exam results and Exam data to monitor for Exam fraud and Exam Irregularities;

That you may not disclose the Exam questions or answers or discuss any of the content of the Exam Materials with any person without prior written approval of Parsec;

Not to copy or attempt to copy any Exam Material;

Not to sell, license, distribute, exchange, give away, comment or discuss the Exam Materials, questions or answers, whether before, during or after the Examination;

Exam Materials are secured before, during, and after the Exam. You are prohibited from accessing secured Exam Materials, at any time before or after the Exam;

Parsec reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or invalidate any Examination score if there is any reason to question its validity.