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Download our case study now and learn how Premier Nutrition worked with Parsec Partner Cimlogic to implement TrakSYS for Traceability and food safety.

Mission Optimization: This Time, It’s Personal

A TrakSYS-Powered Success Story of Process Optimization featuring Parsec Partner EOSYS

As a full-service, UL-listed panel manufacturer, EOSYS, understands how crucial accurate, real-time production data is. As an integrator and a Parsec Partner, EOSYS has been instrumental in providing other manufacturers with real-time data through their deliveries of TrakSYS. When it became clear that EOSYS needed to optimize its own discrete operations, they decided that it was time to implement their own TrakSYS solution. By working alongside Parsec to establish the goals of the project, the two teams created a roadmap for what was to become the “EOSYS-Parsec Center of Excellence for Discrete Manufacturing.” Download the case study now to learn more.

Download Case Study to Learn More

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