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Learn how TrakSYS can assist with your company's journey through every step of your digital transformation.

Solutions Built for All Stages of Digital Transformation

How TrakSYS can Assist with Your Company’s Journey

Whether your business is just beginning its digital transformation journey, or the process is well underway, Parsec has the expertise to assist your organization. Since 1994, our manufacturing execution system (MES), TrakSYS, has helped digitalize and optimize operations all around the world. With 11 versions and counting, TrakSYS continues to provide manufacturers with increased visibility, knowledge, and control of their businesses, all while making the management of their operations as simple as possible.

This one-page guide covers:

  • On-premise and cloud-based deployments of TrakSYS
  • Key features of the platform, such as inventory management, production management, quality management, and predictive maintenance management.
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure for interoperability

Download the guide now to learn how TrakSYS can assist with your company’s digital transformation.

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