What to Expect When You Become a Parsec Partner 

, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Director of Strategic Initiatives

The world of manufacturing execution systems (MES) is complex. Understandably, manufacturers may struggle when considering which platform and solutions to adopt. To help make the decision-making process as simple as possible, Parsec—a leading MES provider—has taken our 30 years of industry-defining experience and married that with partnerships with skilled, certified system integrators to streamline solution creation and delivery. 

With Parsec’s Partner Program, system integrators gain access to a comprehensive resource library and training materials, all of which are designed to elevate their TrakSYS knowledge and improve the experience of the manufacturers they work with.   

How does the Parsec Partner Program work? 

The Parsec Partner Program empowers members to address their customers’ most significant challenges through the deployment of our agile, scalable solutions. To be eligible, potential partners will need to meet the requirements and qualifications specific to a given partnership level—note that requirement adherence is reviewed annually once enrolled. Based on their achievements, Partners may attain progressively higher levels of qualification and certification. 

There are four levels in the Parsec Partner Program: 

  • Strategic: Members at this level have differentiated themselves by providing outstanding MES solution delivery and support. Their capabilities are acknowledged by customer recognition and achievement through certification. Strategic Partners have made significant investments in building TrakSYS technologies and solutions and have priority access to Parsec support. This tier provides access to leads, greater product discounts, and priority access to sales, marketing, and technical resources. 
  • Solution: Solution Partners have demonstrated domain expertise through the delivery of sophisticated TrakSYS-based solutions to their customers. As a key factor to qualify for this level of partnership, Partners must have the requisite number of certified resources. They are eligible to achieve Company certification by meeting further business objectives. Solution partners also qualify for deeper product and training discounts, invitations to participate in Parsec events, and have access to marketing assets to make promotion as simple as possible, along with co-marketing opportunities. 
  • Registered: This level of partnership entails providing implementation services to a partner’s existing customer base and offers a variety of benefits, including Parsec support resources. Registered Partners have the option of obtaining certification for TrakSYS Certified Engineers and TrakSYS Certified Architects to enhance their technical knowledge and provide greater support for clients. This tier also receives promotion on the Parsec website, specialization badges, and monthly Partner webinar meetings. 

What Makes the Parsec Partner Program Different from Other Types of Partnerships? 

At Parsec, partnership matters. Collaboration is key. The system integrators we align ourselves with share this mindset and desire to be part of a bigger ecosystem – a network set on creating effective solutions to manufacturers’ most significant challenges.  

When you partner with Parsec, you aren’t simply another conduit for TrakSYS delivery; you are becoming a valued member of our team, of our ethos. Your experience and insights help shape and inform the way our network and business move forward. We provide marketing materials, promotional opportunities, and continued training to ensure our MES platform benefits your organizational goals. 

How Partnering with Parsec Can Help Increase Your Revenue 

Joining the Parsec Partner Program spreads the capabilities of TrakSYS to a wider audience, and it can benefit your organization directly. With ongoing training and additional qualifications and certifications, you can continue to grow your TrakSYS-based solution offerings. This creates the opportunity for increased license sales and recurring business as customers’ needs evolve. TrakSYS is scalable, and clients may wish to expand the toolsets they utilize over time. After experiencing a streamlined MES deployment and the powerful benefits of TrakSYS, customers will bring you back when they are looking to increase their usage of the platform. Additionally, your clients whose businesses have been revolutionized with TrakSYS can be a major source of client referrals. 

Learn more about joining Parsec’s global network of expert TrakSYS integrators.  

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