Top 10 Ways Parsec Makes Your Manufacturing Profitable

, Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager

Managing the inherent complexities in manufacturing while maintaining profitability is a major, multi-faceted challenge for companies. The industry has made great strides since the days of analog and hard-wired equipment, and businesses that have embraced the digital technologies of Industry 4.0 have seen their manufacturing operations increase in productivity and profitability. With an array of digital transformation technologies to choose from, manufacturers may find themselves wondering, “what role does an MES play in helping improve my bottom line?” A fair question that warrants a fair answer. Designed with manufacturers in mind and aimed at helping make their digital transformation as simple and profitable as possible, here’s how Parsec’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES), TrakSYS, helps drive bottom-line results.

1. Save Time with TrakSYS

If time is money, increased efficiency across the enterprise can be a key to unlocking profitability. TrakSYS enables you to proactively identify roadblocks in production to optimize processes and uncover new pathways to efficiency. Plus, our platform has a streamlined, non-disruptive, proven implementation process, so your team won’t waste time getting up to speed.

2. Save Money

TrakSYS provides greater insight into material consumption, helping you optimize raw material ordering and minimize waste by adopting FIFO or LIFO practices. In addition to helping bolster your lean management initiatives, the insight TrakSYS provides can further help you create optimized schedules, standardize recipes and batches, and process-perfected SOPs.

3. Scale Operations More Quickly

With stress-tested frameworks for a multitude of its industry-agnostic solutions, TrakSYS offers robust functionality and flexibility, ensuring the platform can evolve alongside your business.

4. Find and Eliminate Problems with Real-time Insights

Your organization is already generating valuable production data, but without the right tools to convert it into contextualized, actionable insights, you may be in the dark about ongoing roadblocks. TrakSYS provides the historical trends, real-time alerts, and powerful communication tools your teams need to rapidly identify and resolve issues as they arise.

5. Achieve the Lowest TCO and Highest ROI

With streamlined cloud-based and on-prem deployment options, TrakSYS delivers an immersive environment that provides value from day one. The platform’s native extensibility enables you to minimize overhead by only rolling out the solutions you need today without closing the door on the future.

6. Lead with the Latest Technology

Created in-house by Parsec, TrakSYS is continuously evolving and expanding, ensuring the platform is always primed to meet the needs of its users. Leveraging their 30+  years of experience in MES software development and implementation, Parsec continues to build a platform that is highly flexible and extensible.

7. Capitalize on Continuous Improvements Through Digitalization

Benchmark and reporting features make it easier to continuously monitor and standardize processes and growth efficiencies. Meet continuous improvement initiatives by implementing process optimizations and establishing best practices.

8. Optimize Planning and Scheduling

Market conditions can change rapidly, leaving manufacturers unprepared for what comes next. To combat this, TrakSYS enables you to optimize planning and scheduling in real-time. Scheduling departments can work with the platform to create manufacturing production schedules that focus on (amongst other things) asset availability, order due dates, reducing changeovers and downtime, utility consumption, and more.

9. Reduce Machine Failure and Downtime

With greater insight into production and machine data, you can better schedule preventative maintenance to keep equipment running smoothly, thereby avoiding unplanned downtime. Predictive maintenance can also reduce overall maintenance costs, improve wrench times, and extend equipment lifespans.

10. Amplify Plant Efficiency at All Levels

From the shop floor to the top floor, TrakSYS enables you to save time and money. With solutions for your factory and your upstream and downstream supply chain operations, TrakSYS helps bring your digital transformation to life.

Contact Parsec today to learn more about how TrakSYS can boost your organization’s profitability.

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