Operations Management

Manage Continuous Improvement Initiatives More Efficiently With Digitization

Factories can benefit greatly from deploying lean tools. Whether you need to improve quality, eliminate waste, shorten lead-time, or reduce total cost, you’ll need insight into process performance to uncover opportunities for improvement. Manual data collection consumes scarce human resources, often is prone to human error, and delays decision-making processes. The right software can provide real-time analytics so you may focus on training, collaborating, and improving processes.



Admin Costs

Improve Activity

TrakSYS for Lean Management gives you the power to benchmark performance, manage tasks and workflows, and collaborate effectively. With simple to use interfaces on any device and relevant, timely, and actionable information, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your Lean objectives.

Short Interval Control

Manage short interval control to drive production improvements during the shift. Communicate production goals, track performance, identify emerging problems, and encourage teams to achieve regular, incremental improvements to the manufacturing process.

Leader Standard Work

Manage Leadership Standard Work to engage and develop future leaders in the continuous improvement process. Build standard routines to control and improve process performance while empowering your people.

5S Audits

Manage workplace organization with 5S to improve safety, efficiency, and workplace morale. Conduct 5S audits, inventory Red Tag items, track improvement actions, and schedule cleaning tasks to sustain a state of order and cleanliness in the workplace.

Autonomous Maintenance

Manage Autonomous Maintenance tasks as part of your Total Productive Maintenance program. Schedule cleaning, inspection, and lubrication tasks so operators share responsibility in care of the equipment with the maintenance staff.

Kaizen & Project Tracking

Manage project charters and action items while continuously improving the workplace. Log activities, assign responsibilities, automate notifications, and track completion progress.


Gain real-time visibility into Lean management processes and metrics. Manage standard routines and engage your team in activities to ensure that processes are continually improving.


Web-based configuration tools and an integrated scripting environment allow the construction of tailored solutions without the need for custom code.


TrakSYS is a full MOM platform, with standard function libraries that can be readily adjusted to create focused solutions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development. This important functionality delivers both rapid deployment and cost-effective extensibility.

Learn More About the Power of Lean Management

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Lean provides a systematic method for waste minimization without sacrificing productivity, that improve quality, safety, and worker morale manufacturers can reduce costs and shorten lead times.


TrakSYS Next-Generation MOM platform

TrakSYS has been designed to work the way you work: fast, flexible, and focused on solving specific business challenges.

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Whether you are already down the path of becoming a World-Class Manufacturer (WCM) or you are just starting your Lean initiative, these tips can help set goals that continue commitment to efficiency.

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