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You battle complexity throughout your factory. We understand your challenges. Since 1987 we’ve built software that helps make managing your manufacturing operations as simple — and productive — as possible. And manufacturing management software is all we do. That’s why top manufacturers around the world rely on TrakSYS to deliver greater visibility, knowledge, and control.


diverse industries. common challenges.

Manufacturers in every industry face the same challenges: produce high-quality finished goods consistently, safely, and profitably. TrakSYS contains all the features and functions needed to configure it for any application, in any industry.


Chemicals producers of all types – from organic specialty chemicals, to inorganic bulk chemicals, biofuel or fertilizers – can use TrakSYS to operate more effectively and efficiently. TrakSYS is a unified, web-based platform that offers multiple solutions, including real-time measurement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Statistical Process Control (SPC), electronic records, and more. TrakSYS is designed to give operators and managers, and the extended supply chain, the right information at the right time – to operate more safely, reliably, and cost-effectively. Our chemical clients include: Akzo Nobel N.V., BASF SE, BP Singapore Pte. Ltd, Chemtura, DuPont, and Shell Oil Company.

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The automotive industry is very dynamic and competitive. Constant need for new models, features, enhanced safety and quality at affordable prices, fuel economy, and environmental responsibility make automotive manufacturing particularly challenging. Once the challenges of effectively managing logistics and supply chain, labor, and sustainability initiatives are added to the mix, it is clear that a real-time operations management solution is an absolute requirement. The more areas of the value stream working together the better the outcome. Here’s an industry that must stay focused on the reduction of lead time.

TrakSYS is up to the challenge. With its configurable, flexible, and scalable workflow management engine, TrakSYS readily leverages existing assets and infrastructure for the optimal management and execution of automotive manufacturing operations. Operations such as inventory management, electronic Kanban, machining, powertrain, assembly, body shop, and paint can be managed as a pull-through and coordinated process to significantly reduce productivity losses that are common in the industry. Our automotive clients include: Bridgestone, Dana Incorporated, Deere & Company, and Fiat Automobiles.

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Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers are facing significant pressure on margins due to increasing global competition. Because of consumer demand for product variety, shorter production runs and more frequent changeovers have become typical in the industry. This leads to inherently less efficient asset utilization and productivity, which in turn, further erodes the margins. The only solution is to be more agile and efficient. This isn’t a simple proposition, but it is exactly where TrakSYS comes in.

TrakSYS is designed to minimize the lead time for manufacturing operations. In order to reduce lead time, operations must be streamlined and highly efficient. TrakSYS makes this possible effectively, quickly, and economically. Our consumer packaged goods clients include: Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble Co., Revlon, Inc., The Clorox Company, and Unilever.

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Medical Device manufactures today are increasingly pressured with shorter product lifecycles, rising costs of regulatory oversight, and decreasing margins while ensuring they maintain the highest product quality. TrakSYS is a real-time operations and performance management software solution that is proven to significantly, economically, and quickly improve the productivity, quality, reporting, and efficiency of medical device manufacturing.

TrakSYS provides accurate and automated intelligence for task, workflow, reporting, electronic record and performance management that leads to significant improvement in asset/resource utilization. By providing real-time measurements and analysis of critical quality and performance attributes throughout production, TrakSYS helps medical device manufacturers to ensure final product quality and efficient manufacturing performance. Our medical device clients include: DePuy Synthes, Ethicon, Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, and ThermoFisher Scientific.

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TrakSYS is a real-time operations and performance management software solution that is proven to significantly, economically, and quickly improve the productivity of pharmaceutical manufacturing. TrakSYS provides timely, accurate, and personalized intelligence that leads to significant improvement in asset/resource utilization. TrakSYS innovation is key to delivering quality by design. By providing real-time measurements and analysis of critical quality and performance attributes throughout the manufacturing value stream, TrakSYS helps to ensure final product quality. Our pharmaceutical clients include: Bayer AG, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Eli Lilly & Co, Merck & Co., Inc., and Pfizer, Inc.

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For more than twenty years, Parsec has been working with leaders in the food & beverage industry to help effectively improve manufacturing operations management and performance. Today’s food & beverage manufacturers face unparalleled pressure to improve quality and sustainability while reducing the overall cost of operations. Furthermore, there are broad food safety and compliance requirements that introduce new challenges that must be met head on.

TrakSYS offers a complete spectrum of features and functions to address the operational and regulatory complexities effectively, quickly, and economically. TrakSYS helps food & beverage companies by enabling operational excellence initiatives, meeting the burgeoning global safety compliance requirements, and supporting the sustainability efforts. Our food and beverage clients include: Bumble Bee Seafood, Continental Mills, Del Monte Foods, Inc., General Mills, Inc., Mars, Inc., McCormick & Company, and Saputo Dairy Foods.

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Success story
performance management

Bush’s Best produced 2.2 million additional cases of baked beans, while eliminating 27 shifts, using TrakSYS for real-time operations management. OEE improved by 15 percent, and costs decreased by 10 percent. Find out how they achieved these impressive results.

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  • We were looking for a tool that would help us make better decisions that in turn would improve performance. In addition to having to fit with our company culture, another thing we wanted in our tracking system was flexibility. We wanted to be able to take the program out of the box and configure it to fit our needs. With some of the other options we looked at, the supplier took the position, ‘that is the way it works and the only way it works’. That was not the case with TrakSYS. Our operators had a lot of input into developing what the final solution looked like. Actually, we are still moving forward today, getting a little deeper and making our operations even more efficient. You could describe it as a living program.

    Tony Peterson
    Operation Manager
  • Once TrakSYS was deployed, we were able to quickly and effectively evaluate the root causes of poor performance. The initial focus of the project was on improving productivity for lines responsible for hormonal products. Within the first 12 months after deploying TrakSYS, we had already improved average OEE by 100 percent.

    Francisco Javier
    Production Manager
  • The tech support from Parsec is world class! Robert’s response was complete with screen shots and detailed instructions. Best of all, his one email response fixed all three problems. Nice job!

    Stephen P. Monaghan, P.E.
    Applied Control Engineering

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