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TrakSYS is a software application and solution platform designed to help you manage the performance of your entire manufacturing operation in real time, from any web-connected device. That’s asking a lot. We should know. We’ve been doing this for almost thirty years. In that time we’ve gotten very good at making the complex ‘as simple as possible.’ (We can‘t take credit for that clever turn of phrase; Einstein said it first.)

TrakSYS is a product of this disciplined approach. It’s a unified, web-based platform that contains all the code necessary to run key manufacturing management applications right out of the box. And it has built-in administration and configuration tools, so you don’t need to write custom code to create custom applications or every time you want to make a change. (You’re welcome.)

Key Features and Functions

  • Rapid Installation

    TrakSYS 10 can be installed in just minutes. And with its included configuration tools, TrakSYS 10 makes deploying an application 60% faster.

  • Unified Web Interface

    TrakSYS is a single, unified web platform offering configuration, development, administration, real-time operations and data analysis/reporting. Users are presented with menu options and pages based on their configured roles and permissions.

  • Mobile-Ready

    The TrakSYS user interface supports “responsive design” principles. Responsive design allows for interfaces that render differently on various screen sizes, e.g., PC, tablet, or smartphone.

  • On-the-Fly User Interface Updates

    A development-to-production publishing utility supports the separation of configuration and user interface changes. This allows for user-interface-only changes without interrupting data collection.

  • ‘Push’ Architecture for Reduced Server Load

    TrakSYS turns the traditional pull-poll architecture on its head and introduces a new push model. The server monitors data changes and pushes UI updates to client screens only when data changes occur. This reduces server load and improves the user experience significantly.

  • Standard Solutions

    In addition to the significant out-of-the-box functionality and standard configuration tools to create tailored solutions, TrakSYS 10 also provides solution libraries that may be used as-is to address many areas of manufacturing operations.

  • Efficient Extensibility

    The TrakSYS standard function libraries can be readily adjusted to create focused solutions in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development. This important functionality delivers rapid deployment and cost-effective extensibility.

  • Single Instance, Multiple Sites

    If desired, a single instance of TrakSYS can manage multiple sites. While all sites are hosted within the same database and server, each site’s configuration and user interface is kept in a separate “silo” and protected from users at other sites.

  • Hybrid Authentication

    TrakSYS allows for more flexible authentication, by supporting simultaneous Windows Active Directory sign-in (for users with existing business network access), and TrakSYS specific logins (for plant-floor users without Windows accounts).

  • Translations

    TrakSYS contains a built-in infrastructure for defining placeholders and providing language translations for solution-specific user interface strings.

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system requirements

What do you need in order to run TrakSYS at your site? Check out the system requirements. Want us to host TrakSYS for you in a secure cloud environment? No problem. Check out our deployment options.

Small Implementation

The following is a recommended server configuration (minimum) for a TrakSYS implementation that contains a small footprint, with few Systems (<10), few Definitions (<500), and few Users (<20). This type of server would be used for initial rollouts where a part of the process or functionality is implemented. When using this type of small hardware configuration, the project team should be aware that as the software use expands, the server hardware may need to be upgraded, or even replaced with a more powerful platform.


Full / Large Implementation

The following is a recommended server configuration (minimum) for a TrakSYS implementation that covers a full manufacturing process with many Systems, Definitions and Users (see details of these described above).



  • We were looking for a tool that would help us make better decisions that in turn would improve performance. In addition to having to fit with our company culture, another thing we wanted in our tracking system was flexibility. We wanted to be able to take the program out of the box and configure it to fit our needs. With some of the other options we looked at, the supplier took the position, ‘that is the way it works and the only way it works’. That was not the case with TrakSYS. Our operators had a lot of input into developing what the final solution looked like. Actually, we are still moving forward today, getting a little deeper and making our operations even more efficient. You could describe it as a living program.

    Tony Peterson
    Operation Manager
  • Once TrakSYS was deployed, we were able to quickly and effectively evaluate the root causes of poor performance. The initial focus of the project was on improving productivity for lines responsible for hormonal products. Within the first 12 months after deploying TrakSYS, we had already improved average OEE by 100 percent.

    Francisco Javier
    Production Manager
  • The tech support from Parsec is world class! Robert’s response was complete with screen shots and detailed instructions. Best of all, his one email response fixed all three problems. Nice job!

    Stephen P. Monaghan, P.E.
    Applied Control Engineering

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